1. Vegetables of the week

Box contents will be posted on the website every Monday.

2. Collection

Your veg box will be delivered to the office on Wednesday. Please ask your SeasonSupply coordinator for the collection time and location. If you have to miss it, make sure you ask someone to pick it up for yours. For more information, please contact your SeasonSupply coordinator.

3. Recommend a friend

If you have a friend who is interested in SeasonSupply, please ask them to email us at seasonsupply@cookpad.com

4. Recipes and Tips

You can find inspiring recipes and top tips for your organic veggies on this website. Check the Recipe and Tips sections for weekly updates. For more inspiration, you can also use #seasonsupply to find recipes of other members on cookpad.co.uk.

5. Set up your subscription

Let the SeasonSupply coordinator in your office know that you want a box. Shortly after, you will receive an email from SeasonSupply letting you know how to set up your subscription.

Setting up your subscription:

  1. Open the SeasonSupply email
  2. Click Pay invoice
  3. Fill in your details and click SAVE MY CARD
  4. Finally, click Pay at the bottom of the screen.

Remember, the deadline for ordering is 3pm Friday. You must complete your subscription by this time to receive your first delivery. We cannot take orders if the subscription has not been completed.

6. Update your card information

If you have missed a payment for any reason, we will email you an invoice reminder. Please open reminder email from SeasonSupply and click Pay to fill in your card information.

7. Updating your card

  1. Open the Invoice Reminder in your inbox
  2. Click Pay Invoice
  3. Fill in your details and click Pay

8. Freeze or cancel your subscription

You can freeze or cancel your subscription any time. To freeze your subscription for the following week, simply email the word FREEZE to seasonsupply@cookpad.com, using the subject FREEZE. The deadline is before 3pm the Friday before delivery.