Did you know?

Though UK beetroot is available most of the year, they’re at their best from June to October.

The leaves continue to draw out nutrients, even after they’ve been picked and will wilt quickly. If you come across a beet with fresh greens attached, it’s the ultimate indicator of freshness. It’s a sign they were picked recently and are packed with even more nutrients.

Remove the leaves before storing to keep the root fresher for longer, but don’t throw them away. They’re great for bone health as they’re packed with vitamin C, silica and calcium.

Beets are famous for their vivid colouring, but don’t worry about staining your hands while preparing beetroot, you can rub some lemon juice over them to help remove the colour.

Cooking with beetroot

Beetroot isn’t just great for savoury dishes, it can be used to make delectable sweets too! It’s often added to chocolate cakes and brownies to give them added moisture and richness. Try this chocolate beetroot cake recipe or these pink Valentine’s pancakes.

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