Did you know?

Leeks are a key ingredient in many cuisines all over the world. Here are just a few of the dishes to which leeks are integral.


Zeytinyagli Pirasa is a typical Turkish dish -  a simple combination of leeks, carrots and rice with plenty of olive oil. Leeks are so embedded in Turkish food culture that they’ve become a part of the language. There’s a common phrase amongst Turco-Albanians when they’re full after a meal, “I couldn’t eat anymore, even if offered a leek”.


A typical French dish is Leeks Vinaigrette, whole leeks boiled and marinated in a Dijon sauce. Flamiche, a creamy leek tart, is very popular too.


The Spanish have their take too! Leeks are a popular addition to a the Spanish tortilla. For an English twist on the classic Catalonian calçot (flame charred green onions), roast baby leeks whole, then smother with Romesco sauce.

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